Workforce Management (WFM) and Workforce Optimisation (WFO)
Workforce Management Australia
Matrium Technologies - Network Testing & Security

Expand efficiencies by engaging your employees to offer and guarantee an enhanced customer experience.

Matrium has provided Workforce Management (WFM) and Workforce Optimisation (WFO) to the Australian, Sydney and Melbourne Marketplace, for 15 years. Our customers include some of the largest carriers in Australia, Government Departments, Pay TV service providers and the “Big 4” banks.

Matrium is a NICE Systems Business Partner providing NICE WFM, WFO and Performance Management to organisations enabling them to provide a superior, yet customized level of service to every individual client.

Workforce professionals have made NICE IEX their premium choice for over 20 years, since building superior Network Security Key capabilities is what we excel at. Solution Depth & Configurability provides highly tuned forecasts and schedules thereby automating processes enabling you to focus on higher value activities. Simple end user interfaces make it easy for every employee to ‘own’ their schedule and their performance. 

The result? Engaged employees with efficient, cost effective, competent operation.

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