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Zero Trust Network Security Solutions

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Cybersecurity threats are among the largest concerns for any business with an online presence. Massive data breaches have become common place in todays interconnected world, representing millions of dollars of damages. Incidents, such as the Toll Security Breach, ANU Cyber hack and a long list of others have made it clear that cybersecurity specialists and companies need to step up their game to stay ahead.

However, threats to your online assets and information no longer solely originate from outside. Even within your defences, your data and operations are not completely secure. Spyware, saboteurs and other threats may slip into your networks without the help of zero-trust security vendors.

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What is a Zero-Trust Security Model?

The adage “trust but verify” is no longer a safe assumption in today’s digital environment. This sort of mindset follows a single layer of defence, much like an area encircled by a wall with a single entrance. Once the patrols on the entrance trust an individual, they gain entry to the rest of the area.

Researcher John Kindervag for Forrester noted the inefficiency and lack of safety of such a mindset in 2010 and coined the term “zero-trust.” In such a set-up, your company will continually check the trustworthiness of people and programs allowed and operating inside your networks instead of relying on a single verification process.

This environment ensures that you are consistently checking on everyone, leaving less room for intruders to operate. Multiple layers of security and protocols make it clear that your network is being guarded and monitored extensively. Coupled with other network security solutions you reduce the risk of a data breach or similar incident.

Zero trust security has several benefits, not just for your business but also for your customers.

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How Can Your Business Benefit from Zero-Trust Security?

Employing a zero-trust security model in your company’s networks bestows the following benefits:

  • Protect your reputation: Your business depends on people trusting you with their information. Without heightened security parameters, you’re putting your reputation at stake. A single data breach could be enough to dissuade potential clients from doing business with you and could persuade loyal customers to look for other options.
  • Secure intellectual property: Essential schematics, blueprints and operation procedures are now mostly entrusted to digital networks for safekeeping, as this allows easy access. Zero trust security solutions prevent competitors from discovering your secrets and stop hackers from ransoming your patents.
  • Prevent financial loss: Zero trust security ensures that threats aren’t allowed to reduce your profits. Cyberattacks lead to devastating losses, whether it’s through illicitly acquired information being held hostage by ransomware or reputational damage done by a data breach.
  • Simplify security and digitisation: Consolidating your security measures into a cohesive zero trust architecture makes it easier to keep track of your defences and be on guard for threats. By creating a security posture for your company, zero security measures also make it easier for your business to transfer your assets into a digital medium.

How Can Your Customers Benefit from Zero Trust Security?

Zero trust security solutions also have benefits for your clients, namely the following:

  • Stop identity theft: Continual verification processes make it harder for malware to steal identities and dissuade unsavoury individuals from attempting to do so. Your customers can enjoy your services with the knowledge that their assets and information are secure.
  • Reduce service disruption: Data breaches and similar cybersecurity incidents slow down transactions or even bring them to a halt as your business evaluates the damage done by the threat. With heightened security measures of zero trust protocols, your customers enjoy smooth operations and efficient services.
  • Provide a safe space: By showcasing your networks are constantly protected and monitored, your customers are assured that they are in a safe space and can go about their business without worrying about cyberattacks.
Zero-Trust Digital

How Does It Work?

Several methods establish a zero-trust digital environment in your business network. The following are among the most prevalent and effective approaches.

  • Multi-factor authentication: Passwords alone no longer guarantee a secure environment. Multiple forms of authentication provide a much safer environment. Examples of other authentication methods include biometrics and two-factor authorisation, which involves inputting a code sent to another device.
  • Micro-segmentation: This security measure involves embedding protocols in individual tasks and processes, creating an intricate layer of defence around each one. This is typically done alongside network segmentation for better results.
  • Least privilege protocols: With this approach, anyone entering or using your online networks are only given access to information necessary for their purpose. Everything is strictly need-to-know, with the accessible information decided by the user’s role.
  • Application behaviour monitoring: This requires application security that monitors the behaviour of programs, consistently checking if they are operating strictly within their parameters. Any suspicious activity is flagged and lets you know if there are potential problems.
  • Zero trust network access: Is a service that ensures secure remote access to applications that are running in the public cloud or in private data center environments. These solutions provide secure access based on adaptive controls; they also monitor user activity and perform continuous risk assessment. ZTNA reduces the enterprise’s attack surface and increases IT’s visibility into user activity and applications.

Safety and security are indispensable in expanding a business. Without thorough security measures in place, your business is unlikely to grow and retain customers. Finding a company capable of implementing thorough zero security measures on your networks is a solid step in safeguarding your future.

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