About Us

    Matrium Technologies -
    Australia's leading provider of technology solutions

    Matrium Technologies has been a leading provider of technology solutions in Sydney and Melbourne since 1991, with a strong industry background in Network Testing, Network Visibility and Security.

    Matrium Technologies has been recognised as an industry leader for handling customer’s technology disruptions within their networks in addition to providing a pathway of technology enablement to deliver tailor-made solutions to suit every customer’s specific business needs.

    Matrium has an ANZ presence with offices based in Sydney, Melbourne & Auckland. We are dedicated to providing and services to our customers across the APAC region in particular Singapore. We work with numerous companies from diverse industries, specialising in Telecommunications Service Providers, Network Equipment Manufacturers, Federal & State Government Agencies, through to some of the largest enterprise companies in the region.

    We pride ourselves in remaining at the forefront of technology. We have the experience and expertise to offer our customers a comprehensive Network Testing Solution Kit that will cater to today’s and the upcoming generation’s Network Security and Visibility Solutions. A Local Professional Services Team who is available 24×7 will offer help to the growing communications industry.

    Our Values

    • Consistent and constant collaboraters, with each other, with our partners, with our customers
    • Believers that the outcomes are richer when more brains participate
    Honest Communications
    • Transparency within the organization and our customers and partners
    • Authenticiy, presence, gravitas without arrogance
    • Encourage healthy dialogue and debate, not afraid to challenge or be challenged
    On Time Delivery
    • Always aware of project schedules, anticipating and preventing future delays or potential obstacles
    • Managing resources (things, team, customers) to avoid project impact
    • Encourage healthy dialogue and debate, not afraid to challenge or be challenged
    • Understanding of how others (team members, customers, partners) feel, perceive, and believe
    • Situational awareness, understand what is happening with others around you (team, customers, prospects, partners)
    • Accountable to our clients and to each other
    • Say what we do, do what we say
    • Take ownership of our work - both successes and failures (for learning)
    Innovation and creativity
    • As individuals, as a team, and with the offerings we bring to our customers
    • Enduring intilectual curiosity, continuous learners who are never satisfied with the status quo of cabability and understanding
    • We care, support and encourage each other to develop personally and professionally
    Make a Difference
    • Participate and contribute to successful outcomes.. for the team, for the customer, for the company

    Board of Directors

    Founder - Executive Chairman and President
    Michael Crismale
    Board Director – Chief Executive Officer
    Brad Crismale
    Board Director – Business & Technology Development
    Trent Owens
    Board Director – VP Strategy & Development
    Neil Anderson

    Some of Our Trusted Clients