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Automated Performance Testing

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Increase Your Software’s Efficiency with Automated Performance Testing

Performance testing is the process of ensuring that a network or a software application will perform well under their expected workload. It gathers all the tests that verify an application’s robustness, speed, stability, responsiveness and scalability. Performance testing tools examine several indicators such as CPU memory consumption, server query processing time, the number or type or errors that may be encountered as well as browser, page and network response times.



Nowadays, it has become a necessity for businesses and organisations to automate their testing processes. Automated performance testing focuses on the development of their e-commerce operations and online services. It ensures that their systems will meet the service levels expected in production as well as deliver positive user experiences. Failure to undergo automation testing can result in additional expenses due to performance issues and service delays.

Matrium Technologies provides automated performance testing that ensures robust software quality and increases overall system efficiency. With our advanced performance testing tools, we guarantee software proficiency without manual and repeated intervention.

Different types of automated performance testing


Load Testing

Load testing is the most common type of performance testing as it determines the system’s performance under real-life conditions. It creates production simulations within a system or application before they are deployed or launched. By utilising specialised testing software, the process allows development teams to answer questions such as “Is my application doing what I expect under these working conditions?’ and ‘Is the system’s performance good enough?’

At Matrium, our load tests enable you to measure throughput rates, response times and resource-utilisation levels. They also allow you to identify your application’s breaking point and limitations, assuming that the breaking point occurs below the peak load condition. Once a system undergoes load testing, we can identify bottlenecks in the system under heavy user stress scenarios and eliminate them before they incur damage in a production environment. This gives you confidence in your system’s reliability and performance.

Unit Testing

Unit testing examines the individual units or components of a software. Its purpose is to validate that each unit of the software performs as designed for proper operation. While unit testing can be accomplished manually, it is much more effective when it is done with Matrium’s automation testing tools.

Our unit testing service also increases your confidence in maintaining or changing code. We write unit tests that run perfectly after any code is changed, allowing you to catch any defects that occur due to the changes


Stress Testing

Stress testing is a type of software testing that verifies the system’s stability and reliability. The test mainly determines the system on its error handling and robustness under extremely heavy load conditions. Failure to address these issues may result in loss of repute and revenue.

At Matrium, we test beyond the normal operating point, evaluating the performance of your system under extreme conditions. Our performance testing tools also check whether applications work under abnormal conditions and determine ways to accommodate the traffic spikes.


Soak Testing

An application may operate and behave normally when it is used for two hours but when the same application is used continuously for ten hours or more, it may behave abnormally or even crash.

With Matrium’s soak testing service, the System under Load (SUL) is tested and verified to endure a huge volume of load over a prolonged period of time. We examine if the system will stand up to a high volume of usage and observe the occurrences when it is outside its design expectations.

Common system issues that we take note of during soak testing include memory allocation, database resource utilisation and performance degradation.

Spike Testing

Spike testing verifies a system’s stability during bursts of concurrent users. It is performed to estimate the weaknesses of the system, helping evaluate its response and behaviour to unexpected rises and falls of the user load. Spike testing also determines the amount of time required for the application to recover.

At Matrium, our testers measure the time required by the system to become stable between two succeeding user load spikes. We then find ways to decrease the recovery time and solve the worst test scenarios like loading.

Why Choose Matrium Technologies for Automated Performance Testing?

Fast Feedback

Our automated testing is a relief for validation during various phases of a software project. We improve communication among designers, product owners and coders, allowing potential defects in the system to be promptly rectified

Thoroughness in Testing

Testers tend to have different approaches, focusing on areas that could vary due to expertise and exposure. With the inclusion of automation, our testers focus on all areas of testing, assuring best possible quality.

Information Security

The effectiveness of the automated testing process is largely dependent on the quality of the test data. Creating quality test data manually is often done on copies of live databases and is time and labour consuming.

At Matrium, our automation testing tools help create, protect and manipulate your test database, enabling you to re-use your data again. This saves you time, effort and additional costs.

At Matrium Technologies, we make complex testing simple. Our years of expertise and advanced performance testing tools ensure your system will function as designed. We evaluate your existing applications, point out defects and provide solutions to your questions.

We are ahead of our competitors in automated performance testing, giving you fast and cost-effective services. Our team has what you need to eliminate bottlenecks, improve accuracy and vastly increase your test coverage to help improve software quality.

Entrust your application’s testing to us. For more information and enquiries, call 1300 889 888 or send an email to info@matrium.com.au.