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Comprehensive Enterprise Cyber Security Solutions

A material cyber attack happens every 39 seconds. More than two-thousand times each and every day, data is being breached. Information that is vital to your business could be compromised. Protecting your business from cyber threats with cyber network security services must be a priority, not only for the sake of the data, but also for the livelihood of your company and its employees. Matrium is proud to provide robust, enterprise-level cyber security solutions that can reduce risk and help protect against the severe damage caused by cyber threats.

The Importance of Data Protection and Vulnerability Management

The aim of network and micro-segmentation is to apply Zero Trust security controls around the individual IT service workloads.

Managing controls at a micro level, prevents unauthorised lateral movements between servers and users – only explicitly permitted flows are allowed. As a result, if a breach does occur, the initial compromised device has limited access to other devices and is restricted from lateral movement exploration.

Although network and micro segmentation are effective in dissuading threats, they are more efficient when layered with other security measures. Commonly referred to as “Defence in Depth.”

Protection with Matrium Enterprise Cyber Network Security Services

Matrium provides complete cyber security solutions for enterprises in Australia and New Zealand. From email protection to firewall implementation to cloud security, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to evaluating and acting upon the needs of your enterprise. Matrium is your solution for cybersecurity services in Sydney.

Email Security
Most businesses and employees rely heavily on email for communication within their organisation and with their customers and vendors. It’s a tool that simply cannot be compromised if business is to occur. At the same time, it provides a significant point of vulnerability if not properly protected. Matrium’s enterprise email security solutions mitigate the inherent risks of email while reducing the complexities of staying protected. We do this in the cloud, offering a cost-effective way to minimise risk and maximise security.
Network and Micro Segmentation
The average organisation today has some sort of hybrid IT infrastructure in place to execute on their day-to-day responsibilities. This makes for a complex technology environment that can be challenging to keep out of harm’s way. With Matrium’s cyber security technology stack, the same security policies can be leveraged across many environments, all while being managed within a dedicated single portal, which makes protecting your enterprise infrastructure from cyber threats easy and fully governed
Penetration Testing
The cybersecurity for your enterprise is only as good as its most vulnerable component. Matrium takes a threat and risk-based approach to gain a deep understanding of your business, your key threat actors, your critical assets and functions, and your security controls. Armed with this information, we can define the threat scenarios that would lead to a potential security breach and provide you with a security road map that helps you prioritise your short, medium, and long-term projects.
Next Gen Firewalls
While a simple firewall no longer cuts it when it comes to enterprise-level cybersecurity, next-generation firewalls are an essential tool for protecting your network. Our next-gen firewalls utilise purpose-built security processors and threat intelligence security services to encrypt traffic and deliver top-rated protection without compromising network performance. We strive to make our cyber security solutions a seamless addition to your organisation, so you’ll find that our next-gen firewalls, supported by our other vulnerability management solutions, will reduce complexity and increase visibility. We make things easy for your security architects, ensuring they have the necessary support and expertise to manage all the point solutions needed.
Cloud Security
Flexibility isn’t a luxury in the business world anymore. Especially as the professional world evolves to include more remote staff, you’ll need high performance from your SaaS solutions in cloud environments. This means you’ll also need a CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) to configure the right policies to secure your SaaS applications, control access to web destinations, identify shadow IT and defend your on-premise apps. Moreover, Matrium can provide a unified view of all of your data so you always know what is going on.
Zero Trust Security
It seems like we’re constantly hearing about data breaches at major organisations. This often represents not only a compromised customer relationship, but also millions of dollars in damages. Incidents, such as the Toll Security Breach, prove that cyber criminals are only getting smarter. To protect businesses, the cybersecurity partners need to also be getting smarter. This is where the Zero-Trust Security model comes into play for enterprise organisations. “Trust but verify” isn’t a proactive enough approach anymore. When it comes to protecting today’s digital environment, you should trust no one - inside or outside of your network. Matrium has a robust zero-trust security model that enterprises can leverage for cyber security. We leverage multi-factor authentication, micro-segmentation, behaviour monitoring, and zero-trust network access to ensure that safety and security are the utmost priority.
Security and Performance Testing
The most challenging part of any cybersecurity strategy is finding the right balance between protection and performance. Matrium can facilitate comprehensive security and performance testing to ensure that your network can be optimised to activate security features whilst ensuring your network performance isn't suffering from degradation as a result of those additional security features.
Endpoint Protection
Last, but certainly not least, Matrium partners with leading cybersecurity solutions providers to proactively identify and mitigate new threats. On average, our endpoint solutions using AI have seen to stop emerging threats 25 months before other traditional endpoint solutions are able to address them.
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Cybersecurity has to be the foundation of your business operations if even the smallest part of your operation occurs online. Let Matrium reduce the risk and the hassle with our robust and comprehensive cybersecurity solutions designed with enterprises in mind. Matrium is your cyber security provider in Sydney.