Network Performance Testing

Enterprise Network Performance Testing

Matrium is recognised as an industry leader in ANZ’s enterprise network testing market. For nearly three decades, we’ve been innovating network test methodologies and bringing extensive expertise to our customers.

As network technologies and architectures continue to evolve at an ever increasing rate, it’s reassuring to validate your network or application and reduce risk with a partner like Matrium that has deep testing experience.

From Data Centre refresh projects to deploying SD-WAN or WiFi6, all the way to migrating critical services to public cloud - there is often considerable hype about what performance can be achieved, however those capabilities in the real world often don't align to expectations.

The financial impact of finding these performance issues once a project has been deployed into production can range from thousands of dollars into the millions. There are timelines that need to be met based on project plans, any delays experienced during pre-deployment are not ideal but ultimately they are much cheaper in the long run especially if network outages occur. 

Alternatively, once network testing has been conducted and a benchmark report produced, you can still elect to deploy the project on time and “go live” but you are armed with the knowledge of the risks that are present and can identify a path forward to resolve those issues over time.

When an issue is identified, and we say when because there are always issues – these situations often turn into finger pointing exercises between customer, vendor and sometimes the system integrator. What can sometimes be forgotten is how beneficial it is to have found these issues out before “going-live”. Solutions such as having a patch developed, a re-design implemented or a security risk mitigated is critical to ensure better network performance. This is why you need an experienced network testing partner on your team. We can make even the most complex network testing scenarios simple. 

4 Essential Reasons For Network Testing

When you partner with Matrium Technologies, rest assured we’ll find the flaws and bottlenecks associated with your new networks and devices. Allowing you to optimise configurations and upgrades before launch saves you time and money. When your network operates smoothly, with no glitches or hitches, both your business and your customers are happy.

I Sifting through the Security Hype 

Taking this a step further is when the primary intention of testing is to validate new network security capabilities. With many vendors to choose from, you need to know which is truly the best fit for your organisation.

Do you, as a customer, base your decision on raw performance and processing power, price or a mixture of both. What if there was a way to independently validate these vendors and baseline their capabilities. Allowing you to make a decision based on empirical data from your network and application mixes. Helping you to answer the question “Am I really getting the 100Gb/s performance that I am paying for?”

II Understanding Outages

It happens. We’ve seen it. Networks break, links flap, devices reboot because of memory leaks. Wouldn’t it be nice to know how your network performs when the inevitable happens? If you’ve been tasked with implementing resiliency so the end users won’t notice the impact. Why wouldn’t you test it? 

Network Testing helps answer the following IT questions:

    • Have we designed HA correctly?
    • What happens during a fibre break?  
    • Is my SD-WAN vendor going to failover correctly when WAN conditions change
    • If my firewall reboots are all the sessions kept alive?

This is all possible with a thorough test plan.  

III Manage Your Growing Network

Any business leader knows that your network is going to evolve faster than your internal team can keep up without the right support. With time, capabilities, and the working environment constantly being flipped on its head, you need all the tools and resources available to stay ahead of your evolving network.

IV Technology Adoption

We help you test a wide range of scenarios and conditions as network topologies change. 

Think SD-WAN, WiFi6, 5G, public cloud, these are all new. We helped our customers test load balancers in front of web servers before virtualisation existed. 

There are numerous instances where network testing has benefited our customers. One example, is a large travel company that wanted to validate the performance of their brand new Virtual Web Server architecture. Through testing they soon realised the claims of 1000 users per server were not achievable and that each server could in fact only handle 40 users before sessions began to drop. The client was then able to accurately scale their network design and in the process ensure their customers could still transact with them without any outages. 

Choose Matrium For Network Performance Testing

At Matrium Technologies, our years of testing expertise gives you peace of mind on knowing how your network will perform.  We independently evaluate your existing systems and provide empirical data for you to make a decision to deploy with confidence. 

Matrium prides itself in remaining at the forefront of the industry. Our experienced local delivery team provides innovative network testing, giving you fast, cost-effective solutions.