Penetration Testing

Enterprise Network Penetration Testing in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore

The survivability of any network depends on the weakest link in that network. Penetration testing is really about constantly reviewing your network for gaps or chinks in you armour. If a gap has been identified, how vulnerable is that to be used against you in the real world.This means addressing any vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that could allow hackers to gain access. This is where contextualised penetration testing comes in; we help to identify exploitable vulnerabilities from inside and outside of your environment. Then provide a risk based priority on what to fix first. If you’re looking for a specialist offering penetration testing in ANZ or Singapore, then you should be talking to the experts here at Matrium.

Understanding Network Penetration Testing

Essentially, network penetration testing is a legitimate form of hacking; it’s an authorised and proactive attempt to measure the security of a network through systematic probing. Penetration testing allows you to discover the network’s vulnerabilities and to identify any improper configurations and application flaws. It also allows you to spot risky end-user behaviour that could be leaving your systems open to attack. Often clients will perform this kind of testing annually, so at one point throughout the year they will know what is the state of their environment. We also offer an automated platform for penetration testing, this approach allows you to test all year round as changes always occur.

Partner with Us

At Matrium Technologies, we have the skills to fully and accurately test any network. Whether you are looking for penetration testing in Sydney, Melbourne, New Zealand or Singapore we can make sure that your network, your servers and your end points are protected, thus reducing potential issues and unnecessary consequential expenses along the way.

You may already have testing procedures in place, but Matrium can take these to the next level. We can increase the number of variables and parameters that can be tested and provide data-driven reporting to highlight problems and suggest clear solutions to solve them. Our network penetration testing offers the most cost and time-effective method for addressing network security concerns.

Matrium Technologies is Australia’s industry leader in bringing innovative network testing methodology expertise to its customers. We have more than 30 years of experience providing technology solutions for businesses in Sydney and Melbourne. We automate our testing processes, making them faster, cheaper and more accurate, eliminating human errors. We are committed to customer satisfaction and will give you the best user experience possible. To find out how we can help you secure your business, please contact us Matrium Technologies today.

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