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Gigamon – Market Leader In Network Visibility


Gigamon provides network visibility and analytics on all traffic across physical, virtual and cloud networks to solve critical security and performance needs, allowing you to drive business optimisation. Gigamon has been the clear market leader in Network Visibility for 7 years in a row.

Networks in today’s world are complex with routers, switches, and ports (both physical and virtual). Your network could be based on-premises, use private or public cloud, be located at remote sites or a combination of all. Your network will consist of a number of tools (APM & NPM, SIEM, Firewalls) that consumes data and impacts network performance. Furthermore, you need to ensure you manage all of this in a seamless manner that allows secure data to pass and comply with changing regulations.

Gigamon helps achieve this by sitting between your tools and the infrastructure layer, through its comprehensive set of network visibility, analytics and optimisation solutions.

Gigamon reduces the complexity in your network and gives you visibility to streamline tools to generate a compelling ROI for any network operations.

Gigamon Solutions

Access Traffic
GigaVUE® Visibility

GigaVUE® Visibility Appliances deliver consistent insight into data that travels through network nodes and across your network, including data centers and remote sites. With the Gigamon solution, you will have the coverage and control you need to safeguard critical network nodes and business assets.

GigaVUE Appliances enable you to:

  • Aggregate traffic collected via TAPs across your network
  • Use core intelligence to optimise Flow Mapping®GigaStream® traffic distribution and physical bypass
  • Optimise traffic with GigaSMART® intelligence applications for both hardware optimization and built-in app licensing
Optimise Traffic
Optimise Traffic

Now more than ever, NetOps and InfoSec teams need to keep their organisations running fast and staying secure with little to no extra budget. That’s no easy task as remote working and digital interactions increase. Are you trying to optimise your existing tools and apps to squeeze more out of them while higher impact digital initiatives fall farther away from reach?

To optimise network, security and financial efficiency now you need to:

  • Understand all the apps on your network and how much bandwidth they actually consume
  • Eliminate duplicate packets that typically make up over 50% of network traffic
  • Filter out irrelevant or low-risk network traffic that security tools don’t need to inspect
  • Optimise capacity of network and security tools so you are not over spending
Manage & Automate
Centralized Orchestration and Management

GigaVUE-FM fabric manager simplifies and automates the configuration, management and operation of the Gigamon Visibility and Analytics Fabric™ (VAF) with unified visibility across physicalvirtual and cloud deployments. With an intent-based policy automation approach, NetOps, SecOps and CloudOps teams are more efficient creating and deploying policies at scale based on their roles.  A centralised, rich and customisable dashboard provides easy-to-use programmable APIs for ease of integration with tools and SDN controllers, role-based access control, end-to-end topology visualization, simplified workflows and alarm management to reduce mean time to resolution.

Available either as a hardware or a virtual, software-only appliance, each GigaVUE-FM instance can manage up to 1,000 visibility nodes across multiple locations and high-availability arrangements.

Detect & Respond
Gigamon THREATInsight

Reduce Risk in Highly Dynamic Environments

Today’s networks are changing fast, and employees, devices and infrastructures are more distributed than ever. Gigamon ThreatINSIGHT™ is the first cloud-native, high-velocity network detection and response (NDR) solution that’s purpose-built to enable you to get in front of this transformation.

  • Find hidden network threats. Discover threats in encrypted communications and improve your overall security hygiene.
  • Automate security investigations and responses. Prioritise and rank incidents to focus on the riskiest incidents and assets.
  • Optimise security workflows and tracking. Go from reactive to proactive tracking and mitigation, tracking threats even during change.