Network Testing

Testing Networks & Network Devices For Maximum Reliability and Decreased Risk

As a service provider, you are under immense pressure to be faster, more advanced, and more reliable. Your customers want more, they want the best, and they want it right now. Your network is the key to providing the quality, speed, reliability and security that your customers want to see.

With a wide variety of network instances, testing needs to occur at every stage of design, development, and deployment to ensure you can address critical issues before they become complex problems. Testing your network devices and the system as a whole is essential for providing the level of service that keeps your customers coming back.

There’s a number of reasons our customers test their networks and devices:

  1. With the transition to CI/CD software delivery, customers are receiving newer versions of software more frequently from their vendors.  The quality of this delivered software isn't as rigorously tested and ultimately means more defects are delivered to you and your customers.
  2. Prevent Downtime – Testing your networks end to end gives you insights into what happens during an outage. Ensuring failovers occur.
  3. Does your network scale – It’s essential that you have the right infrastructure in place to support a network that is going to change alongside your business and customers. Ensuring your network can handle surges in network traffic and users as well as forecasted traffic growth is key with your Capex investment

Understanding why you need to test your network devices is only part of the equation. Preventing threats and downtime is important, yes, but the process of doing so is the other factor that makes up your success or failure in supporting your customers.

Matrium: Your Partner For Network & Device Testing

Matrium is an industry leader in testing network devices and streamlining the process for ongoing efficiency and performance. With three key steps to our device and network testing, Matrium is the premier partner for you and your customers.