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Network Performance Testing


Matrium Technologies: Industry Leader in ANZ’s Network Testing Market

Matrium is undeniably the acclaimed industry leader in ANZ’s Network Testing market, bringing innovative Network Test Methodology expertise and more than two decades of experience to our clients.

As application features and network technologies continually evolve at a fast-paced rate, so too have the associated security vulnerabilities. Matrium makes complex network performance tests simple. Our team finds flaws with new networks, devices, changes or upgrades before the launch and saves you money. We ensure your network has no glitches or hitches when you deploy, making you and your customers happy.


At Matrium Technologies, our years of expertise and network test automation tools ensure your network will function as designed. We evaluate your existing systems, point out system and configuration flaws and provide the answer to any of your network questions.

Matrium Technologies prides itself in remaining at the forefront of the industry. We are ahead of our competitors in innovative Network Testing, giving you fast and cost-effective solutions. Our team has what you need to reduce security risks, eliminate hacking threats and streamline network operations. Entrust your network performance to us.

Cloud & iP

Resource-intensive applications are driving higher bandwidth requirements—both in your data center and in the cloud. Matrium’s  virtualisation and cloud test solutions enable you to architect the modern software-defined data centers that are ready to use and deliver next-generation apps and services, from anywhere. Assess and compare the performance of your Virtualised or Cloud infrastructure. The award-winning solution provides you with a scorecard, backed-up by industry standard benchmarking tests to grade Cloud infrastructure components—Compute, Storage, Network, Applications, and Services.


To realize the promise of NFV, 5G & IoT, providers need to automate and accelerate the service lifecycle, Matrium and Spirent are pioneering a new approach to testing and assurance based on DevOps principles, called Lifecycle Service Assurance (LSA).
To ensure your mobile network is ready for anything, Matrium and Spirent let you test it under real world conditions.
To improve user experience across all mobile devices, Matrium will teach you how to navigate through VoLTE and RCS.


Matrium and our partner, Spirent can help you test a wide range of scenarios and conditions for Wi-Fi roaming from VoLTE networks, offload scenarios, access points (APs) validation on the new Wave 2 offerings with a focus on multiuser MIMO,  (WLAN) multi-client emulation for functional, performance and end-to-end testing of Access Points (APs) and WLAN ecosystems that include WLAN controllers and gateways. We’ve got it all covered with our testing methodologies and solutions. This allows you to capitalise on Wi-Fi while maintaining a superior Quality of Experience.

Test Automation

By removing the repetitiveness of standard tests, developers and testers are able to focus on new functionality while still providing coverage of existing features. Matrium’s automation partner solutions are designed around best practices so once a test is created it can be reused saving time in automating future tests.

Applications & Security

Today’s IT needs granular visibility of data, giving rise to a new generation of network security solutions like next-generation Firewall, IDS and IPS. Matrium gives you state-of-the-art testing technology to help you gauge the performance and effectiveness of your security environment by emulating the most realistic traffic volumes, and a wide range of threat and attack scenarios.


Analytics solutions can help you improve customer retention by reducing churn, increasing revenue, and strengthening market share. They also improve information accuracy and increase operational efficiency. All of which lead to an enhanced experience for your customers.

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