Cloud Security

Enable Flexibility with Cloud Security from Matrium

In today’s business climate, remote work is commonplace and more important than ever. Your technology solutions have to be safe, secure, and provide available uptime from anywhere in the world. Cloud applications have enabled greater flexibility for businesses across all industries. However, with more flexibility comes more security risk. Which is why Matrium is proud to offer comprehensive cloud security solutions that protect your business while maximising the capabilities of your organisation.

Understanding the Advantages and Disadvantages of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing solutions have soared in popularity as work office environments become less traditional and more dispersed. A number of different cloud-based solutions have become the premier option for collaboration and productivity. The nature of the cloud, though, increases the opportunity for your network to be exploited by cybercriminals. 

The new areas of vulnerability in a cloud environment arise as quickly as the new ways cyberattackers find to infiltrate your network. Most organisations are familiar with the risks of open servers and open ports, but the exposure of your cloud instances is a new threat that organisations aren’t as familiar with protecting against. The average organisation has more than 100 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) in their cloud instances. Because the cloud opens your network up to the internet, it introduces a vulnerable attack vector into your corporate network for cyber criminals to enter and steal data and introduce ransomware and malware campaigns.

Minimising Corporate Risk with Cloud Security

There are excellent solutions for protecting your cloud infrastructure, but businesses also have a responsibility to maintain the safety and security of their network. There are a few key things that you need to do, even prior to engaging with a cloud security provider, to keep your network secure.

Get To Know Your Network
Knowledge is power, even more so when it comes to identifying potential areas of weakness. Familiarising yourself with the applications and services that are being used gives you the information you need to protect your cloud network and enhance security.
Understand Your Vulnerabilities
The next thing you need to know is where your vulnerabilities are and what the latest patch solutions look like so you can act quickly to counter threats when they do arise.
Minimise Risk
When your cloud application suites are breached, it’s often done so using the credentials of a verified user, meaning it’s harder to detect that an unauthorised user has accessed your network. Taking additional steps to minimise your risk, such as multi-factor authentication or conditional access based on geo-location or IP address are necessary to protect your digital infrastructure.

Selecting The Right Cloud Security Solution

There are countless options available for cloud security. Finding the right fit for your organisation is going to require you to evaluate a few different factors.

  1. Understand Your Network’s Perimeter
    The cost of a cloud security solution can run the gamut, so it’s essential that you identify and define the scope of the network you need to protect. Especially now, with the fluid nature of employment and the regular ebb and flow of team members, devices, applications, and services that are being added to your network, you need to understand your existing perimeter and how it might change and evolve.

  2. Identify The Right Model For Cloud Security
    Your network contains an extensive amount of data, so finding the right model to protect that information, especially considering how your network is used and accessed, is going to be one of the key factors for identifying the right solution. There are cloud-based options, hardware and software as a service (SaaS) options, as well. Regardless of the application, you want to simplify traffic flows, centralise management, and strengthen your entire network without compromising functionality or burdening your team.

  3. Cost And Failure Cost is a determining factor for any business decision
    The purchase price is only one part of the equation for cyber and cloud security. You must also weigh the cost of failure against that purchase price. Especially for organisations with highly classified or sensitive information, it’s easy for your cloud security solutions to get expensive. With that in mind, you have to understand what the value of the protected information is and balance your investment with the right solution.

Your Partner for Complete Cloud Security

At Matrium, we partner with industry experts of all types to evaluate existing and identify new risks to your cloud-based application suite and address them proactively whenever possible. With a number of advanced solutions to protect your cloud infrastructure, we can ensure you find the right fit to secure your data. 

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