Network Security

Network Security Solutions That Protect Your Customers

More than 2,000 cyber threats and data breaches happen every day. In any given year, cybercriminals hack into nearly a million networks through vulnerabilities that many users didn’t even know existed. The average consumer is only somewhat aware of the need for extensive cyber security, which is why the onus falls on the service providers to facilitate a well-defended network for themselves and their customers. Network security is not something to be taken lightly, especially with the constant evolution of threats in today’s digital environment. That’s why Matrium Technologies prides itself on offering the most advanced network security solutions with comprehensive benefits that service providers can pass along to their customers.

Minimise Vulnerabilities and Maximise Network Security

Your customers trust you to protect them from the risks of even the most advanced cyber threats. Phishing and ransomware are running rampant. Cyber criminals are getting more and more creative, so network security solutions providers have to evolve in kind. On-premise solutions alone are no longer a sufficient means of protecting your entire network, especially in an environment where more and more applications that are being used are based in the cloud.

The other key element that has to be considered when evaluating your network protection needs is the risk users themselves pose to their own cybersecurity. Nearly a quarter of all data breaches are caused due to human error or, in some cases, a malicious internal user.

As a service provider, your customers are relying on you to fill the gaps in security that they don’t even know existed. Matrium Technologies offers a comprehensive solution that you can rely on to protect your network from internal and external threats that can compromise data and usability. 

Comprehensive Network Security and Protection

Our network security solutions support service providers throughout Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Our product line is extensive and helps to round out a complete security solution that our clients can put their trust in.

Next Gen Firewalls

A simple firewall no longer cuts it when it comes to the necessary levels of network security that your consumers are expecting and trusting you to provide. Next-generation firewalls are the precedent. At Matrium, we utilise purpose-built security processors, as well as threat intelligence security services to encrypt traffic and deliver top-rated protection without compromising network performance. We strive to make our network security solutions a seamless addition to your services, so you’ll find that our next-gen firewalls, supported by our other network protection solutions, will reduce complexity and increase visibility. We make things easy for your security architects, ensuring they have the necessary support and expertise to manage all the point solutions needed.

Security and Performance Testing

The most challenging part of any cybersecurity strategy is finding the right balance between protection and performance. Matrium can facilitate comprehensive security and performance testing to ensure that your network can be optimised to activate security features whilst ensuring your network performance isn't suffering from degradation as a result of those additional security features.

Network Security Backed By Experience

Your services can live and die by your network security. Let Matrium reduce the risk and the hassle with our robust and comprehensive network security solutions designed with your customers in mind.