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The digital environment is evolving faster than anyone could have anticipated when developing the legacy protocols for network testing and test automation. We once saw software updates being released on a semi-annual or quarterly basis. Now we’re seeing multiple software updates being released in a single minute, especially in larger organisations. That doesn’t include the thousands of mobile applications that are being launched or updated on a daily basis. It no longer requires extensive planning and development periods to launch functional and beneficial technology solutions that can meet or exceed testing standards. These advanced technology solutions are also more closely integrated with one another, allowing multiple pieces of software to function as a unit while performing different tasks. You’re only able to realise these benefits, though, by automating the testing protocols your organisation adopts

Your Partner For Network Test Automation

There are a number of advantages to an automated testing strategy and protocols. From accelerating your operations to improving the reliability of your solutions, there’s no telling what the financial impact could be on your bottom line.

Streamline The Testing Process
Any system that can be easily automated and replicated adds value to your organisation. Matrium partners with the most advanced test automation experts to enable testing solutions that follow straightforward, rule-based tests that support the productivity of your team. Rooted in Digital Automation Intelligence (DAI), Matrium is proud to offer the first AI-driven test automation solution that makes your testing processes faster and easier by automating up to 80% of the activities.
Increase Trust and Reliability
Effective test automation solutions increase your range of coverage to find as many bugs and vulnerabilities as possible as quickly as possible. This ensures that when new or updated software is ready to be released, you can put out the best possible product. Raising the threshold at which you’re prepared to deliver the latest software releases means you can facilitate better, longer lasting relationships with your customers.
Improve Profitability
Often, the network testing process is highly manual, taking up a lot of time and resources and leaving a lot of room for human error. A test automation solution helps reduce the testing cycle and resources required to successfully launch new software solutions. This means that your development time is used more efficiently and your team can not only be more profitable, but also be more productive with more free hours in the day.

Maximise Revenue and Reliability With Advanced Test Automation

Don’t let the quality control processes and protocols slow down your operations. Contact Matrium today to learn more about our test automation solutions and how they can support your team.