Network Visibility

Advanced Network Visibility Solutions

Detailed insight into your network is the only way you can protect your organisation and customers from security threats or network crashes. Service providers need a unified packet plane that allows multiple groups to access traffic flow data without creating disruptions.

Network visibility is essential to your ability to support customers. With ongoing network and technology updates, volume fluctuations, and new use cases, the complexity of your network is constantly increasing. Any problems with the network are going to reduce productivity and create unhappy users.

Granular levels of visibility are the only way you can stay on top of your network, but you have to identify what specific deliverables you need from a network visibility solution to make the right choice.

The Three Components of Robust Network Visibility

There are three key elements that play into a comprehensive network visibility solution that help you identify, address, and prevent threats before they happen.


Insight is a key component of your network solutions. As digital transformation evolves, Cloud, 5G, and Security are just a few of the expanding challenges that you face when supporting your customers with a high-performing network. Now, more than ever, you need a view that breaks through the layers of complexity to see problems with more precision, so you can solve them faster. You need Visibility without borders that helps you capture and interpret real-world data to troubleshoot known and unknown issues.


You need full traffic flow visibility for your service assurance and cyber security tools to perform effectively. This means that they should only process the traffic they are designed to see. Otherwise, they waste precious resources filtering or load balancing packets before the security logic can be applied. Packet flow systems are the ideal solution for solving the problem of limited network visibility. They can create a unified packet plane that logically separates performance monitoring from the network and streamlining service assurance deployments.


Regardless of the size of your network, detailed data is the only thing that can give you the answers you need to resolve the most complicated IT and security challenges. You need to be able to get actionable insights from all of your data. Matrium’s partners ensure that you can access and get value from the data generated by your existing technologies.

Entrust Your Network Visibility to Matrium Technologies

Matrium Technologies has the network visibility solutions – tools, software, and expertise – to give you full visibility into and control over your network. We provide full packet visibility, enabling you to easily monitor your network and quickly troubleshoot problems.

What’s more, our solutions allow for access to all necessary performance data without creating disruptions in the network. In addition, Matrium’s customer service and technical expertise ensures that the solutions we recommend make sense and can be implemented with ease.

By ensuring the right data gets the right tools, it reduces noise on your network which improves network performance. By streamlining your toolkit and being able to troubleshoot issues quicker, we find the average ROI occurs in months not years. Matrium has the tools and software to execute traffic analysis and monitoring with little to no disruptions.

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