With Epitiro, you can keep your performance promises

    Epitiro assures optimal internet service. With a unique, affordable, and accurate monitoring solution. Epitiro provides visibility, key performance, and diagnostic information from any network, or internet service. With an innovative "plug and play" agent and a web-browser, it is now possible to effectively measure, monitor, and troubleshoot any remote network.


    Epitiro Solutions

    Wi-Fi Solutions
    RELAX. With Epitiro, you can keep your performance promises 
    Epitiro is a plug and play remote Wi-Fi performance measuring service which constantly checks that your clients’ Wi-Fi is working as you promised – and alerts you if it’s not.
    Using an innovative approach based on years of experience in the mobile sector, Epitiro’s virtual technicians see the Wi-Fi experience exactly as a hotel guest, airport user or conference visitor would, helping you guarantee Wi-Fi reliability and superior service levels.
    Using simple, plug-in devices, Epitiro is affordable, quick to set up and easy to use.
    How to measure and monitor your Wi-Fi performance through your customers’ eyes.

    Stand out from the MSP crowd

    Demonstrate how your Wi-Fi service is performing from a uniquely end user perspective.

    Save costs and make life easier

    Troubleshoot from afar by seeing exactly what customers are seeing and identifying remotely where things are going wrong.

    Add to your bottom line

    Add a valuable new revenue stream to your business by providing clients with a unique and value -added Wi-Fi performance monitoring service.

    EXPERIENCE WI-FI like a Wi-Fi user

    Unlike standard network performance monitoring, Epitiro monitors the end-to-end Wi-Fi service. Instead of just relying on one or two network elements to alarm or report on their status, it provides insight on the quality of the services, the network performance and the radio conditions. It therefore gives a much more accurate reflection of what the end user is actually experiencing.

    With Epitiro’s virtual technicians keeping a watchful eye on your clients’ Wi-Fi service, you no longer have to send engineers to site to resolve problems, and you don’t have to waste time looking in the wrong place for the cause of a reported problem.

    Epitiro moves beyond the usual performance criterion of just speed to include service availability, accessibility, reliability and application performance.

    On demand testing and diagnostics will highlight where the problem lies within the network, allowing for much faster issue resolution.